Kayaking is a sport that requires a handful of different equipment. While some is for comfort, most of the gear is for safety. Kayak gear is all about keeping you safe on the water, so don’t cut any corners when it comes to getting your gear.

Helmet: It depends on where you decide to take your kayaking adventures, but helmets are encouraged for white water kayaking because of rocks, or anything hard that can potentially damage your head.

Kayak: If we have to explain why you need this then you’re reading the wrong article. Generally you want longer models with built-in storage for touring or extended trips and shorter, more compact ones for freestyle or white water. There are also kayaks designed specifically for sea kayaking and racing, while sit-ons are more commonly used for fishing or diving from.

Paddle: Twin bladed and usually around 2 meters long, the exact size of paddle you’ll need depends on your height, paddling style and the width of your boat so make sure you get some professional advice before you pick up one of these.

Wet Suit: Obviously you’re going to get wet so if pneumonia isn’t on your list of things to do a wetsuit should be one of your first purchases. An action sports standard 4:3 style (meaning its 4mm thick on the body and 3mm thick on the arms) is a good place to start.

Life Jacket: Even if you can already swim, you should grab one of these because unconscious and injured kayakers aren’t so great at breaststroke. Look for a low cut model that fits tightly while still giving you enough room to move your arms freely.

Spray skirt: Unless you’re going for a sit-on or open cockpit kayak, a spray skirt is essential. The skirt is made of a stretchy material that seals you into the boat. Styles vary depending on what type of kayaking you’re doing, so again make sure you get some pro advice before buying.

GeoSeekers provides kayaks, paddles, life jackets, skirts (optional), and advice for all tours in order to ensure the safety and comfort of all kayakers.