Kayaking has a variety of different styles and each one is usually practiced on a different type of water, so the way you want to kayak will probably have a big influence on where you want to kayak.

Taking a chilled approach to kayaking, known as kayak touring, is all about soaking up the natural beauty around you and just enjoying the ride. You’ll normally find yourself on lakes, rivers or canals with no real white water or tough obstacles to deal with. This is a great way to get started as a beginner or for a family trip, where the focus is more about the journey than landing tricks or conquering technical rapids.

Another form of kayaking is sea kayaking. The clue is in the name with this one. Sea kayaking gives you the chance to poke around hidden sections of coastline while getting up-close and personal with dolphins and other wildlife. Coasts with lots of marshland make great spots to explore so it’s no wonder that sea kayaking in the Savannah area is really popular. You’ll also have the fun of waves to play on and fun coastal features like the Cockspur lighthouse off of Tybee Island.

Then there is kayak surfing. This is sea kayaking for all those looking for the next challenge. It’s exactly what its name says it is; you can surf in a kayak while hitting some pretty big waves.

If you’re looking for a big rush then white water kayaking is the style for you. Bouncing down rivers and taking on powerful rapids and even waterfall drops, this is one of the biggest rushes you can get in a kayak. Although, you can’t find this along the coast of Georgia, so if you want a thrill like this, you need to go more inland.

There is also freestyle. The emphasis here is on tricks. Often combined with other styles like white water kayaking or kayak surfing, you’ll find freestyle kayakers able to do amazing things in their lively boats, including full on backflips!

Kayaking also takes on the competitive approach. This is the formal side of things you’ll see in the Olympics. There are at least 10 forms of white water kayaking you’ll see in the Olympics including kayak sprint and slalom events. Anyone getting into this style of kayaking will usually be found training hard at their nearest white water centre.

GeoSeekers encompasses a few of the different types of kayaking in order to give the kayaker, whether beginner or experienced, an adventure they’ll never forget and an experience they can’t get anywhere else. GeoSeekers creates trips with the tour that will allow you to experience the beauty around you, the sea kayaking to get a little more adventure, and can also include competition (not like the Olympics) if you decide to take on the weekend beach competition trip.