So kayaking has crossed your mind, maybe something you’d consider trying but can’t bring yourself to actually go out and do because of a variety of reasons where you may be scared? One of the most common fears for those considering this sport is fear that they’ll capsize and get stuck inside of the kayak. What most don’t realize is that the vast majority of modern kayaks are very stable and are actually much harder to capsize than most canoes, which are considered to be the substitute to kayaking. However, capsizing is still possible and being aware of the possibility will keep you alert. Regardless, you should make a habit of wearing a life jacket and always paddle with a buddy.

A good starter for those afraid of being trapped inside a kayak would be to consider a sit-on-top kayak. This type of kayak is considered to be more stable and completely eliminates the chance of the paddler becoming trapped inside.  

This doesn’t mean that sit-in kayaks are dangerous and cause one to be trapped inside; you just need to know how to address the situation if you do happen to roll-over. Number one rule is to stay calm and do not panic. While staying calm, you can push yourself out of the kayak using your hands while relaxing your legs. Once you have exited the kayak, you can safely float to the surface.

Another concern for those considering kayaking is that they have never done it before and don’t feel like they can master the paddling technique that makes gliding through the water seem so flawless. At first, a beginner kayaker may struggle with the new sport, but the key is to not give up and continue practicing.

GeoSeekers offers a beginner program that helps those combat their fears through a two-day easy training program and then a third day to take on the ocean with a guided tour. If you have any concerns regarding kayaking, do not hesitate to contact us and we can help answer your questions.


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